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Damian Kinsella

“The first painting I remember profoundly was an old oil on panel that hung in my grandmother’s house. It was a spooky California Mission in the moonlight. Something about the emptiness of it, how the tones were ghost like, the hard edges obscured, the silence it signified. It scared me to death. I’d give anything to get my hands on that painting now. Every time I head out to the desert to paint at night, it’s with me, it’s why I’m out there. I don’t know what that means, but there you have it.”

Damian Kinsella creates art and work that draws from times of silence and seclusion. The Mojave Desert at midnight, the heat of the day still rising through the soles of his boots. Sketching distant gulls like falling ash. Lost and lonely places without names or residents swallowed up by sand and sage.

Raised in California’s Central Valley and the Tehachapi Mountains, he lives in the greater Los Angeles area, with his wife and two sons. He says “Living where most of the people are, I find I’m drawn to the empty places where if you stand with a paintbrush in the same spot for long enough, you can begin to hear yourself think. You start to see things, to really see them. These moments of solitude have come to mean a great deal to me, they’re a kindness.” 

I hope you like the work, to God be the glory.

Damian Kinsella, 2020